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Mrs. Danielle Dench, PTA

(2nd Attempt)

I had roughly six weeks to prepare for the exam. Unfortunately, I needed to continue working while preparing for my exam. I was working two jobs along with taking care of my family. There’s so much information, and although it’s nice to have different variations, too many sources when studying confused me. Jace really organized me and broke down the material to make it more manageable for the exam. With her support, I was able to prioritize and keep focused despite a crazy and hectic life.

Dr. Nicole D’Andrea, PT, DPT

(5th Attempt)

Very helpful! It was much easier to think through different symptoms and how to remember them without just memorizing and actually thinking through what is going on. I felt comfortable learning and more encouraged and confident during the test.

Jace really helped make this experience go smoothly and she helped make it less stressful!!

Would definitely recommend!

Dr. Austin Adamson, PT, DPT

(2nd Attempt)

I can contribute my successful passing of the NPTE to Elevate Strategies PT and to Jace. I utilized her services after two unsuccessful attempts at passing the NPTE. Within each area of the test we reviewed primary diagnoses, encompassing examination, evaluation, treatment, differentials and related practice questions. I appreciate that she made me think about and explain my thought process when I was reviewing my answers. She did not let me down in helping me pass the NPTE! 

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It energizes me when I witness "the moment". That instant when it clicks in your head and you light up with understanding. My passion is teaching in all forms and my mission is to help others maximize their God-given potential.

I graduated from the University of St. Augustine before going on to a fellowship program with the Manual Therapy Institute. Over the past 5 years, I've worked in outpatient orthopedics, taught English abroad, found creative ways to teach physical therapy, and I continue to chase crazy dreams.

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